BARCELONA, Mar 30, 2010 / FW/ — Celia Vela began her fashion career in 1994 when she designed for the first time ever a collection for MerkamodaFAD. A year later, she opened her first store in Figueres, and launched her eponymous label at the same time.


In 1996, Celia Vela collaborated with Coty-Astor to create a model inspired by the fragrance “Prêt-à-porter” then followed it by launching her first homeware collection in 1997.

The year 1998 proved to be very lucky for Celia Vela. Debuting at the Pasarela Gaudi for her first individual show, her label was also introduced in Japan that same year. The next year, she made her first trip to the Empire of the Rising Sun and thus she began a long term love affair with the country and its culture.

In 2000, Celia Vela was by Lucky Strike for its publicity campaign aimed at forging an association with Spanish fashion designers. Her business in Japan was also expanding as she signed a license agreement with firm Matita Inc. to market a sunglasses collection under the name Celia Vela in Japan.

In 2003, Celia Vela debuted in Paris, in 2004 she launched her first children’s collection and then in 2005, she celebrated her 10th anniversary with an exhibition at the Empordà Museum, “Celia Vela – 10 Years, 10 Views”.

That same year, she also reached an accord with luxury-goods firm Agua de Sevilla for the design and exclusive production of a women’s line under the label “Celia Vela for Agua de Sevilla”. In 2008, she opened a permanent space in Tokyo, in the Ginza East Building.

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