eve_gravelF1006MONTREAL, Mar 2, 2010 / FW/ — Not shying away from black, Eve Gravel made the non-color the center of her collection as she sent little black dresses on the runway one after the other.

With taupe as the other color, which usually sported black prints, balance was created, thus giving this very dark collection some light.

On trend and very wearable, this collection is commercially viable. Eve Gravel knows her market and caters to them.

Again, a little editing will help. I know that I keep on saying this in almost every review, but there really is no need to show everything on the catwalk. A runway show should tell a story; there should be a beginning, a climax and a denouement.

A long and procrastinated runway show that lasts 30 minutes defeats that because the audience’s mind wanders and thus the designer’s message gets lost. Fifteen minutes is more than enough time to tell a story and show a well edited collection that talk to the buyers, press and even the final consumer.

Montreal Fashion Week Fall 2010

Photos courtesy of Bureau de la mode de Montréal and Jimmy Hamelin