sA74D3945PARIS, March 6, 2010/ FW/ — We arrived at the magnificent Palais de Chaillot with its splendid view of Le Tour Eiffel. But all of it was forgotten the moment we entered the fashion show venue.

The blackout curtains were drawn; we braced ourselves… cue the trance music. Now, we are cocooned in Rick Owens’ private underground club!

Futuristic nomads in their sharp-edged tribal clothes gave way to thoughts of the classic sci-fi film DUNE. Beneath the models’ mean eye make-up, wild windswept hair lurked a truly inspired collection.

Menacing helmut hoods, quilted capes and wraps, metallic sheath dresses and hoses adorned by triangles made the distant planet of Arrakis very real to the audience.

And as sci-fi buffs know, in the Dune universe, the quest is for the “Life Giving Spice”. The Owens woman would be well suited for this pursuit in more ways than one.

Photos: Thomas Barnes

Paris Prêt-a-porter Fall 2010