MADRID, Apr 5, 2010 / — For Natalia Perez and Jorge Bolado, the designers of American Perez, the rural world in the United States is the starting point for Fall 2010; small towns in which mystery and emotion can be found in everyday life.

High school, teen love, the woods, Laura Palmer, secrets, the local diner, dreams, intuition, homes… all in all, Twin Peaks…

Teenage sensuality alongside the natural charm of pretty waitresses from the town diner. The warmth of mountain cabins in opposition to the frightening feeling of the woods at night.

Appropriation of the colour palette of painter Edward Hopper. Mustards, mauves and chestnut browns are placed harmoniously with cherry red, dusty rose, sky blue and cream colours.

The new look of the “Happy fifties” in counter position with garments that have straighter, more masculine lines but give a rustic, girlie, preppy and even romantic effect.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010