LOS ANGELES, Apr 10, 2010 / FW/ — Just in time for Earth Day, Los Angeles-based Multeepurpose Clothing Co. is launching “Effortless Activism” a collection of purpose-driven graphic t-shirts that enables consumers to express messages of activism.

Utilizing Mutleepurpose’s innovative PVC-free, digital water-based prints process, the “Effortless Activism” t-shirts give consumers something truly unique. No two shirts are the same.

“We use the finest fabrics and the newest technology available today to achieve a flawless end result,” says VP of Marketing and Production Shana Dysert. “Each item is custom treated and dyed, and given expert attention by skilled hands before it ever reaches the consumer.”

The Multeepurpose 2Dye4 collection represents themes of peace, war, history and humanity. Its design elements generally revolve around images of skulls, nuclear weapons and peace symbols.

Through Multeepurpose’s 2010 collections, consumers can help support a wide range of non-profit organizations devoted to animal rights, human rights, and environmental preservation. The company donates $1 for every item sold wholesale and 20 percent of the sale price to a non-profit associated with the design.

“You don’t have to be a radical activist to show that you care about a cause,” Dysert says. “With the little effort of simply wearing a socially-conscious tee shirt, you can impact the world around you.”