MADRID, Apr 5, 2010 / — In Bulgaria, voices exist which do not seem human. It is the memory of a country that sings. A personal viewpoint, using as a reference the choral group “The Bulgarian Voices,” 21 women who sing Bulgarian chants from the bottom of their souls.

Along with their traditional dresses, they create rhythms of a notably spiritual nature, allowing us to rise from the earthly world which we inhabit. Separated beings which the stage brings together until creating a whole: that is how her collection was created.

Echoes of ethnicity bloom in this proposal which combines fragments from various cultures in India and Central Europe, as well as Galicia. These tiny pieces are brought together to create challenging pieces with a decisive volumetric will, in which materials overlap each other, as if we could see history stratified.

A collection made up completely of men’s styles that revolve around handicrafts, the decade and current styles. The choice of materials was carried out with the utmost care, always bearing in mind the designer’s attraction towards them. Old wool blankets manipulated using a marked pattern,

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010