jesus_lorenzo_F1020MADRID, Apr 2, 2010 / — With the bursting of the financial bubble across the globe, JesúsLorenzo for Groenlandia makes a firm commitment to back-to-basics and, in order to overcome the recession, he proposes creative designs and R&D&I investment in fabrics.

The collection’s leitmotiv is based on two core themes. The first is luxury style: sophistication and glamour have universally characterised fur as the stellar protagonist, consequently, this collection pays tribute to luxury and elegance.

The second is another main theme which already forms part of Groenlandia’s branding: street luxury. Consumers, tired of the mass market, want to stand out and infuse themselves with the personality of innovative designs that make a functional and daily use of fur. Every day provides an opportunity for generating luxury in the street.

The collection is structured using becoming asymmetries, “crater” necklines and marked shoulders. Daring combinations of textures and volumes are created ranging from luxurious zipped waistcoats which dress us up with their exquisite furs, to enveloping kimono tunics, including becoming short garments.

Furthermore, the weight of the collection falls on top-quality materials: American mink, martens, lynx cats, chinchillas and Breitschwanzs. For everyday luxury, Groenlandia proposes a made-in-Spain product: Spanish lambskin, which is considered by the experts to be the best on the international market.

Colours include the predominant weight of elegant and distinguished black mink, sheared and sueded minks in reversible red and, finally, electric colours that afford brightness to the garments ranging from degradés in desert shades, pale pink, turquoise martens and grey chinchillas to reversible garments in
python, Dakar hues and sambesi.

R&D&I comes in the form of new technologies to lighten weights and waterproof coats through innovative laminating technology, which allows the manufacture of the lightest reversible coats on the market.

All this research and innovation in fabrics and designs can be felt in the street: the latest trends proposed by Groenlandia for this year are much more comfortable and versatile. With good reason, the Costume Museum has acquired one of their garments this year.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week