BARCELONA, Apr 1, 2010 / — Martín Churba is a textile creator who has gained wide experience in the world of fashion and design.


Martín has turned his talents to woven fabrics and, as he likes to say, his overriding concerns lie in the philosophical gene of textiles: an ancestral and basic form of human expression.

“I especially love creating and inventing textiles, as well as other things. But the textile research I had been working on was only applicable to fashion”, says Martin Churba.

This vision led Martín Churba to invest his talents in a new project: Tramando.

The heart of Tramando lies in fashion, and it extends to accessories and objects for the home, whose byword is social commitment.

Tramando currently sells its products throughout Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, the USA and Japan.

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona

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