NEW YORK, Aug 5, 2010 / FW/ — Designed for the cosmopolitans who love technology combined with fashion in mind, the new Versace Unique luxury mobile phone unites all essential functions for professional and personal use.

A full-featured multimedia creation, Versace Unique also offers bespoke services and private fittings to clients who want to suit personal style, inspirations and creative mood in colour and texture accoutrements for the telephone.

With the Medusa logo engraved in the metal body, embossed into the leather on the back and it is also the first icon to appear when accessing the internal technology, slipping into further details, like the digital clock face design, Versace Unique has an instantaneously identifiable Versace style.

The home wallpaper is characterized by a customizable, colourful and Baroque design with an enjoyable lighting effect. Five exclusive ring tones play Donatella Versace’s favourite songs from the catwalk DJ selection of the latest fashion week presentations.

Armed with sophisticated technology by LG, Versace decided Versace Unique would be to the world of mobiles phones what Versace Atelier’s line of Haute Couture creations are to the fashion world.

As always, outstanding craftsmanship is at the heart of all Versace creations, the handcrafted DNA of the brand is also found in Versace Unique.

Using materials sourced worldwide, designed in Italy, then hand-assembled in France, the material selection process has been accurate. The fine calfskin leather cradling the back is sourced from the Scottish highlands where some of the most flawless skins are produced.

Versace Unique is available in black, white or in crocodile skin. Exceptionally smooth and refined, each piece is treated with an invisible protective coating.

Versace Unique’s glossy touchscreen is the largest single piece of this high-tech material ever produced for consumers. Impossible to scratch, incredibly smooth and receptive, it provides an unforgettable conductivity and precision control of the touchphone interface.

The ceramic panels frame the screen in black or white, inlaid with a geometric Greek key motif. The sapphire crystal touchscreen is bordered with a bezel of angled rectangular or parallelogram panels – either in coloured lacquer or in ceramic inlaid with a signature geometric maze – framed by frets in the same material as the principal body (either in polished 18K yellow gold or in 316L stainless steel).

Light plays off of the surfaces, enhancing the material contrasts: the cool metal and the supple leather, the silky ceramic and the mineral strength of the sapphire crystal.

And if the panelled frame is not ceramic, it is a richly hued lacquer, handmade and mixed from the finest pigments. The colour palette is quintessentially Versace: Black Star, Black Coffee, Grey Mink, Purple Rock, Pop Pink and Red Light.

Versace Unique handles all the duties of a phone, 3G network, client e-mail, media player, full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera and netbook.

With the tap of a finger, the interface shortcuts provide quick access to contacts, photos, music – like revisiting an experience in real-time through photos. LG Real Touch technology makes controlling the phone’s features like touching real objects. The screen adjusts to the user, whether holding the device horizontally or vertically.

The transitions between menus, screens and applications are instantaneous. The interface’s rich and vivid graphics animate the moment the tip of the finger slides across the sleek screen, and are designed specifically to reflect the Versace heritage.

The LG technology inside Versace Unique guarantees a seamless interface between life and technology. The phone’s software and hardware are fully upgradeable.

Designed for international people, Versace Unique’s quad-band technology ensures connection across time zones, while the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable connection with wireless accessories and networks.

Email is as easy as on a computer interface, working seamlessly with all accounts. For document storage, Versace Unique holds 8GB internal memory that can be expanded to 32GB.

With fierce clarity and colour, and measuring 7.62 cm (3 in.) in length, the WVGA full touchscreen approaches the viewing experience of a widescreen TV. It features unprecedented surround sound with Dolby Mobile technology for fantastic quality in ringtones, MP3 music files and video with 22 hours of playtime.

The media player can handle a wide range of formats, including DivX/Xvid video, turning Versace Unique into a mini, mobile cinema while DVD-quality videos can be shot and edited directly.

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Photos courtesy of Versace