MILAN, Dec 22, 2010 / — Some works by Roman artist Erika Calesini were chosen to be part of the window display of Pollini stores in Milan, Rome, Varese, Venice and Verona. All the pieces that were selected to be displayed are made from recycled materials.

In Milan, the Pollini boutique in Piazza Duomo featured the “FLIGHT” metal table equipped with cups and glasses as the centerpiece. It also functioned as prop as it was used to show Pollini accessories – shoes and handbag.

The framed work “Halfway” was hung on the wall which was serving as a backdrop.

The other Pollini locations mentioned featured works from the collection “CITY” which are “sculptures” mounted on canvas.

In an era where being “new” has been given a high premium, there are those who still believe like the artist Erika Calesini that objects which have been discarded or just simply old, still has a story to tell. It is their “soul” that is captured and somehow raised as a work of art.