NEW YORK, September 11th 2011- First to start the day, Katya Leonovitch presented her work in a New age ambiance. As we entered in the room, All models were standing on luminescent podiums. She portrayed her models as strange but fragile creatures.

The designer was telling an enigmatic and colorful story. The majority of the models were dressed in colors, sometimes in an abstract pattern of color; she was even using her own paintings as printed pattern. Tones of blu, yellow and white enhance the whole thing.

In fact, what was more interesting was how she worked with her fabrics. Drapped, cut-off, pleated or raw, she seemed to experiment in order to create unsual shapes and garments. Ponctuated with some menswear, the designer created a really feminine collection showcasing lot of dresses.

Katya Lemonovitch clearly presented an out of the box collection with an ecclectic and different aestethic. This spring summer collection is definetely a mix between abstraction and imagination.


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