NEW YORK, Dec 10, 2011/ — The Spring/ Summer 2012 collection of L.B.M. 1911 originated from an informal and refined elegance, with close attention to details. The contemporary fit is combined with fabrics enriched by garment dying and washing for a distinct look.

Based on long-lasting collaborations with leading companies in garment dying, LUBIAM remains a leader in this intricate procedure. Thoughtful attention todetails ensures the lightweight fabrics can withstand the historical dying techniques.

Certain blazers this season feature fabrics made of at least two different types ofthreads that undergo two different dying treatments, creating a vintage look.

Cotton/poly double-faced “Solaro effect” and wool canvas 150s are new lightweight fabrics from the city of Biella, and were realized in exclusivity for

L.B.M. 1911.
An Artisan-like dying aging treatments create a worn-in effect. The cotton and cotton linen fabrics contain microstructures, adding texture to the jackets. The blazer of this season contains exclusive sartorial details, such as thinner side cuts for a slimmer fit.

Pants to compliment the blazers come in two fits, regular and slim, available in100% cotton, stretch cotton or linen-cotton.


“Fly L.B.M. 1911” takes extreme treatment to the next level, with intricate manufacturing and washes. The treatments began with pants and has spread to jackets in two new styles; an aggressive blazer with lining in different fabrics, and a drop 1 inch shorter, fulfilling the “fly” target needs, and a field jacket in a similar fabric with enriched floral inserts.

The FLY Project is also introducing new styles of pants, including cargos, to add to the original concept of the collection. There will also be two styles of denims and two shorter cuts, made up of gabardine, jersey and denim-like indigo.

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