DALLAS, Dec 20, 2011/ FW/ — Two new creations from Everett Yeaman Designs that came from different ends of the creative spectrum – a book and a mini shrug, both of which are great stocking stuffers for kids either as a standalone or as a set.

A new bedtime story book written by Erika Yeaman, Principal of Everett Yeaman Designs, “Butterflies + Eskimos” tells a story of an unlikely friendship. Bu the butterfly and her family are migrating south for the winter, when she gets separated from her crew. While on a journey to find her family, Bu meets Mo the Eskimo, who joins her on her quest, and they travel far and wide to find the other butterflies.

Drawing upon ideas from her background in interior architecture and the arts, Erika Yeaman, Principal of Everett Yeaman Designs, knew she needed to think outside the box to make this picture book truly original and resonate with all age groups.

Butterflies + Eskimos’ abstract illustrations, by Los Angeles-based Susan Carter Hall, is designed to support the intellectual development of children by introducing a variety of unique shapes, textures and colors to represent the main characters.

After the book was sent to the presses, Yeaman, who is also an established clothing designer decided to celebrate Butterflies + Eskimos with a new children’s line which she aptly named “Bu + Mo”.

This new line is comprised of mini-shrugs for children. When worn, the mini-shrugs resemble Bu the butterfly’s wings… allowing an interactive dress-up experience for little girls.

The inspiration for the book and mini-shrugs came from Yeaman’s daughter, Olivia, and was fueled by a desire to create a children’s book with a nod to contemporary art that all generations could appreciate.

Butterflies + Eskimos is appropriate for infants through children of six years old and retails for $12.95. It can be purchased at Amazon.com or www.ButterfliesAndEskimos.com

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