MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 9th, 2012- After presenting solo runway shows last seasons, unttld and Anastasia lomonovs decided to team up, joined by newcomer Jocelyn Picard, the crochet virtuoso behind the label LYN, to present a collective show. Not only did they bring freshness on the catwalk, but also a new mentality.

By pairing together, the trio wanted people to know there is a new energy in Montreal fashion industry. As the duo behind UNTTLD expressed it, during a recent interview with Fashionwindows: [Our collective runway show] can be seen as a manifesto, in which we encourage people to focus on the creator and his unique view of fashion rather than buy mass market fashion product. We want to encourage them to opt for quality, unique design and local production.

All three labels agreed on working together was the only way for them to shake things out. As noted by Lomonova, Montreal is an open minded city, where creation becomes easy as you have a lot of talented people to collaborate with. Unfortunately, with such a tiny market, it is harder for local designer to shine. But Montreal is a village, with Big citys ambitions. So no need to tell people there is an urgent need to invest in our local talents and encourage excellence as well.

We can only applaud such an initiative. And this is exactly what the audience did at the end of the night. Clapping for courage, creativity and talent. In hope to see these young and talented designers going more further in the international world of fashion.


Thanks to our contributor, Marie-Eve Dion, who made the interview.

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