NEW YORK, June 30, 2012/ FW/ — Entitled ‘The 2012 Extreme Diver Watches collection’, Alpina Geneve CEO Peter Stas along with actor and Alpina global brand ambassador,  Billy Baldwin  launched its latest models of the Diver watches collection.

Alpina Geneve: The 2012 Extreme Diver Watches

The collection consists of exceptional water resistance watches that are engineered beyond the point of mere utility.

Features of the Alpina 2012 Extreme Diver watches collection include the proper equipment for a professional diver such as the bezel of the Alpina Extreme Diver, which is unidirectional, has luminous markers, and is used to set the maximum time a diver plans to be under water. Therefore, it is vital that the setting cannot be accidentally pushed or knocked off. Having it moved in only one direction means that time meant to be spent under can only be accidentally reduced, but not increased.

Also, the Alpina Extreme Diver’s case is made of anti-corrosive materials, has a non-scratch crystal, and is outfitted with extendable wrist straps that can fit over a wet suit.

As global ambassador of Alpina, Baldwin describes, “The new Alpina Extreme Diver is that ideal accessory which combines the elements of diving while delivering a bold, athletic, cool-factor that’s completely unrivalled.”

The 2012 Extreme Diver Watches collection will make its debut at Baselworld in Switzerland March 8-15, 2012.

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