MILAN, Jun 27, 2012/ — The Uman Project, launched in 2009, disputed all aspects of men’s wear and, starting from Alvanon’s research on the evolution of the human body, defined the ideal silhouette of the suit for the “New Man”, who abides by the rules of elegance, but with a broader cultural view and on a higher ethical level.

Its physical location, The Concept Room on via Gesù in Milan, considered the matrix of Uman.

That is where the message starts from, for cosmopolite and curious men that wish to learn more about the ideal wardrobe. So far they used to discuss about it like the members of an exclusive club, or to read the books of the series “uman – The Essays” written by other connoisseurs and fans from all over the world, who enjoyed tracing back the history of men’s wear.

On June 22nd, during Milano Moda Uomo, the Uman Project launched and dubbed it the new password for elegant men. Here, fashion aficionados can meet on the Web, to share their curiosity and their knowledge about the pleasure of dressing up.

In here, the theme of man’s eternal passion for the Sea, expressed by the iconic Mariner jacket, is expanded to include a capsule of new items, must-haves of men’s wardrobe.

Also new in June 2012 is the launch of a capsule of unprecedented uman items inspired by the original source – the iconic Mariner jacket – and the passion for the sea and its rituals…all that dresses man’s body in the encounter with this entity of timeless and almost transcendent charm.

It all began with the Mariner Jacket, an impeccable navy blue wool and cachemire double-breasted reefer with enameled buttons customized with the uman logo, clearly recalling the Royal Navy uniforms.

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