DALLAS, Oct 31, 2012/ — Suits play important roles in business, social functions, and special occasions, and the classic two-button suit flatters all types of physiques and works for almost any occasion. Quality suits flatter the male form, and men look polished and professional when wearing them.

The ideal situation calls for personal fittings, but professional alterations tailor suits to fit accurately and comfortably. Retailers sell suits in many styles, colors and fabrics, but dark wool suits offer the greatest versatility for classic design and fashion.

Every guy should own at least one good suit for special occasions, job interviews, or making favorable impressions in social situations. The most popular colors include navy, gray and black, but brighter colors offer unique ways to express personal style.

Wardrobe fashions wax and wane in popularity, but suits always help men look their best and appear confident at any type of event. Contrary to popular belief, personal appearance plays a secondary role in choosing the right suit. Comfortable clothing adds confidence, making men look their best.

Men often strive to get an idealized silhouette, so they suck in their guts and pop out their chests when measuring for suit fittings, but buying suits to fit unnatural postures makes little sense. Some consumers try to buy smaller sizes, hoping to lose weight. This practice also proves misguided, causing great discomfort or consigning suits to gather dust at the back of closets. Suits consist of a jacket and pants, and trouser cuffs should touch the tops of shoes. Shorter men look better without cuffs on their trouser hems, making them appear taller.

Jackets need to fit comfortably across the chest and waist. The arm length should rest about an inch shorter than shirtsleeve buttons when arms rest comfortably at the side. Consumers can find jackets with various numbers of buttons and detailing, but two-button suits never go out of style.

For example, Brooks Brothers opened for business in 1818, and the company’s Brooks Brothers 1818 Suits still offer comfortable fits with relaxed, natural shoulders and comfortable trousers. Elegant woven wool from Italy creates breathable fabrics comfortable for work or any social occasion.

Men should try different styles to find the most comfortable suits. Some men prefer low-rise trousers, but others feel better with higher waistlines. Solid colors or pinstripes fit most occasions, and these styles prove more flattering than flashier designs. Most suits can accommodate losses or gains of 10 to 15 pounds, and alterations can adjust trouser waistlines for better fits. Men should always buy suits that fit perfectly on the day they buy them. Wishful thinking and incentive buying have no place when shopping for suits.

Great suits last for many years, and they add versatility to any man’s wardrobe. Suit fittings help men shop for other types of casual, formal and professional clothing, and knowing precise measurements allows shoppers to find comfortable clothing off retail racks. Whether attending a wedding, funeral, formal affair, or job interview, a classic suit makes a man feel and look his best.

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