DALLAS, Nov 7, 2012/ — As part of its passion to promote creativity and international art, Camper has teamed up with La Fábrica on the latest edition of Lifelovers ABC, a unique visual alphabet (one letter, one photo) created by the Majorcan (Spain) company.

Lifelovers ABC illustrates Camper’s identity and philosophy by showcasing photography and contemporary creation. Lifelovers ABC will be unveiled on Wednesday 7th November.

Lifelovers ABC brings together 26 concepts to form Camper’s visual journey- and represents a source of inspiration for this season’s extraordinary spokesmen and women: Martin Parr, Fernando Savater, Barry Gifford, Isabel Coixet, and Donna Leon.

Lifelovers ABC is an opportunity to see the world through Parr’s unparalleled lens. Parr has personally selected 26 photographs that illustrate how he perceives Camper’s Lifelovers concept. These images are accompanied by the words of four renowned figures from the world of literature and film, which present an alternative way of seeing and understanding life.

The images from Martin Parr, creator of a new kind of documentary photography, illustrate his view on leisure, pleasure and human enjoyment in an intensely personal way while exploring how all of this is closely bound to individual identity. Each one of Parr’s photos represent one of the concepts from the Camper ABC. Authentic, Dream, Enjoy, Friends, Imagination, Music, and Together. In his work, Martin Parr questions preconceived ideas and stereotypes using reality bites that go beyond aesthetic templates and devices.

Lifelovers is Camper’s outlook towards life that is centered around finding happiness in the big and little things everywhere. An open, creative and responsible way of thinking for people who like things done well, Lifelovers can be described as the feeling of enjoyment that brings people together.

In the new edition of Lifelovers ABC #3, Martin Parr is accompanied by four genuine lifelovers selected by Camper and La Fábrica. Fernando Savater, is a philosopher known for his views on ethics. In his text Pleasure and the rebellious imagination he staunchly defends imagination. Barry Gifford, one of the big names from the Beat Generation, makes his contribution with the invention of Rock n´ Roll, a fundamental musical discovery. Isabel Coixet, a powerful film director, describes a simple and peaceful moment of natural enjoyment in her text Lake. The grand dame of noir fiction Donna Leon illustrates the real essence of Camper in walk: walking as a way of life, of living for the moment.

Lifelovers ABC #3 is completed with exclusive audio-visual interviews of the authors http://www.camper.com/lifeloversabc

Photo by © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos


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