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LONDON, Nov 4, 2012/ — From our favourite stars that walk along the red carpet to the people who host the show, we are always amazed to see the incredibly fashionable dresses that the people involved in the red carpet events put on them.

Even the awareness of the fact that almost all of us lack the financial status to purchase those exquisite clothing items does not stop us from desiring to wear them someday.

Turning over the leaves of the leading fashion magazines will give you a good idea about the latest fashionable clothes that the celebrities are sporting at the red carpet events.

Mentioned below are some of the hottest trends that are being followed at the red carpet events by the stars and other persons involved.

One Shoulder

The one shoulder attire is an extremely popular item in red carpet fashion. A great looking neckline is created by this type of dress.

It offers a lot of bust support and draws all the attention towards the upward direction. In order to attain a look that is modern and at the same time comfortable, the one shoulder dress is the ideal choice.

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Slit dresses have a fair share of popularity. Slits are the best option when you are thinking of displaying your legs in a fashionable and sexy way. A beautiful appearance is always ensured with this type of dress.

Slits always look very flirty and are a lot feminine. They never fail to make a fashion statement.

When you are going for a high slit, you need to ensure that the neckline of the dress is not a low one. Since you are showing a good amount of skin at the bottom, you can certainly cover it a bit at the top. It is true the other way too.


A lot of stars are now flaunting metallic dresses. These dresses just look fantastic on the red carpet because they make sure that the person wearing it will be able to stand out amongst the crowd and can be distinguished easily.

Both the silver and golden metallic dress create equal amount of stunning effects. However, it is highly important that you keep the rest of the look simple when you wear a metallic dress.

It will create a very elegant look if you combine your metallic dress with no or very little jewelry and just a basic hairdo.

Deep Blue

The deep shades of blue just look fabulous provided they are carried off with the much required elegance. These gorgeous dresses can be embellished with some attractive jewelry.

The dresses can be paired with silver or gold accessories. If you are bored of black, then switching over to deep blue will always be a wise decision to make.

Nude or Neutral

Dresses in nude colors always look stunning. Whether it is light pink or cocoa, it is guaranteed that you will be grabbing a lot of eyeballs. In order to create a fabulous combination, you can complement the nude dress with accessories of neutral colors like brown or black.


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