MILAN, Nov 2, 2012/ — Of all the non-competitive cycling events, the Tweed Run is undoubtedly the most stylish.

Dress code is strict: it must be genuinely ’30s, though a nod to contemporary taste is also allowed. In addition to being a way of raising funds for charity, the Run is a unique opportunity to experience the streets of London.

In people’s imagination a “cyclist” is a sportsman in technical gear, but in this case Prince of Wales and Shetland wools replace nylon. The Henry Cotton’s wardrobe is thus perfect for the Tweed Run, in which elegance and sportsmanship “compete” side by side.

For technical reasons, however, nylon is still vital for garments like quilted jackets, so in this case it’s printed with the same patterns as the Shetland wool fabrics. The “ink jet” technique provides very high quality photographic reproduction of the wool patterns, while the handle of the technical fabric stays the same.

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