PARIS, Dec 20, 2012/ — Since 1976, when jewelry designer Pasquale Bruni founded his eponymous jewelry line, the label has become synonymous with elegance, innovation and expertise.

Continuing the maison’s legacy of innovation, Pasquale Bruni is introducing “Atelier”, a new jewelry line that pays homage to the Women who wear them, the Goldsmith’s Crafts and the Made in Italy tradition.

Atelier is the dream come true of a jewel that sprung from a perfect natural stone of rare beauty and whose colour is seductive. These stones come from a worldwide selection so as to be the interpreters of Pasquale Bruni’s modern elegance.

“Each stone is a premiére dame and its setting is a drape, highlighting its beauty and personality” affirms Pasquale Bruni, the Founder of the House.

“Atelier is the past which becomes present. So as to obtain these jewels, we recreated the working environment of yesteryear, retrieving the tools and the workbenches of a century ago, lastly, we gathered together the Master Italian goldsmiths, who are the incarnation of this antique craft and its closely guarded secrets. We are, thus, handing down techniques, which risked being lost, to the younger goldsmiths on our staff. Our motto is there is no present without a past”.

“The Atelier pieces take their life from the centre stone,” continues Eugenia Bruni, the House’s Creative Manager, “and they are inspired by the Crown Jewels.”

“Here are Regal pieces such as those chosen by queens for themselves. Stones like these bestow the charm of the antique as they were set artfully in incomparable jewels by the most expert goldsmiths who were called to court to satisfy the needs of those distinctive women. To the enchantment of these jewels, Pasquale Bruni gives contemporary design of a passionate nature and sizable dimensions.”

Uniqueness, therefore, is the keyword to the Atelier line. “And it couldn’t be otherwise – continues Pasquale Bruni – as each stone is unique and never to be found again. We do nothing if not create for each a white gold and white diamond drape so as to exalt to the utmost those scarlets, deep blues and brilliant greens of indescribable seductive power”.

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