Henrik Vibskov Spring 2014 MenPARIS, Jun 29, 2013/ — Henrik Vibskov’s Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collection takes us into a world inspired by visual disorders and dysfunctions.

A Henrik Vibskov trademark, strong graphics come to the fore once again: Indian cotton with hand printed dots, big knitted patterns, magnified herringbone on neoprene and linen, and patchworks of materials and colors make appearances in beautifully dysfunctional arrangements. Colours include white, light beige, black, shades of blue, mustard yellow, camel, light green and red dots.

Visual trickery is a key inspiration for the shapes of the collection: overly proportioned silhouettes and oversized constructions play with the layers of the garments, while 3D surface structures made out of neoprene and contrasting tapes on coats and draped dresses combine to add to the ordered disorder of “The Bathtub Observer”.

Photos by Alastair Philip Wiper

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