Roberto Cavalli Ipnotica (1)

MILAN, Jan 17, 2014/ — Roberto Cavalli presents IPNOTICA, the new film created through photographic sequences, which celebrates the Maison’s new Summer 2014 accessories Precollection.

Sensuality, charm and romanticism are the adjectives which best narrate the story of a woman who begins an emotional journey in the faraway lands of the East.

The protagonist, enticed by the opulence of the new Roberto Cavalli accessories collection, falls into a deep magical sleep passing by dreamlike locations: from the cold ambience of a castle where she is the absolute queen with her accessories, to a scenario where amber-colored lights and intense colors typical of the Oriental realms prevail.

The journey ends with the heroine’s awakening eternalized in the last photograph which concludes the narrative.

However this is not a true ending, as the sentiments evoked in the dreams live on the Roberto Cavalli accessories.

Creative direction: Rachele Cavalli
Photographer: Diego Diaz Marin

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