NORDSTROM LOGOSEATTLE, Mar 18, 2014/ — Nordstrom and Fashion Project just gave procrastinators some incentive to clean out their closet for spring! A $40 Nordstrom gift card is waiting for fashionistas who are willing to donate their “unwanted” clothes.

How you ask? Well it’s easy. When participants donate five qualifying items (meaning $50 in original retail price; in nearly new condition; and one of brands listed at to Fashion Project, not only will proceeds from the re-sale of the items benefit a registered 501(c)3 charity of the participant’s choice, but you’ll also receive a $40 Nordstrom Gift Card.

Fashion Project will even send you the shipping materials, so it’s about as hassle-free as it gets (read: no waiting in line at your local consignment store with everyone else who decided to stop in on a Saturday). Plus you get the bonus of knowing that your donation will benefit a cause of your choice.

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