ipadHow the iPad is transforming the industry
by: David Harouche

Due to its stability, ease of use, and popularity with developers, the iPad arguably has become one of the fastest growing platforms for retailers and solution providers. According to IHL Group, more than 2.7 million tablets will ship for use in North America with specialty retailers deploying nearly half of all tablets shipped to retail.

Why are iPad apps becoming so popular?

Retailers Understand the Need to Increase Their Focus on Training
Retailers that invest in a digitally modernized and well-trained sales staff will excel at educating, converting, upselling and creating loyal customers. Today’s consumers are armed with online reviews and access to information before and during shopping trips.

Impact Of Training Correlates To Business Results
Retailers can track an associate’s training participation and allow field managers to drive performance by having full visibility of their team’s results. These results can be obtained from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, in real time.

Associates Can Keep The Customer Engaged
With iPad in hand, associates can better engage mobile and other shoppers that enter the selling space. Interesting and engaging product knowledge programs that can be shared with consumers instantly gives associates another tool to help explain – visually – the value of product offerings.

High-Quality Video And Audio
An iPad will provide a rich media experience that gives associates selling support by providing instant access to product information and specs. There’s no need for adding sound cards or worrying about how video content will play.

On-Floor Skill Building Activities
“Learning while doing” is a time tested method for acquiring a broad range of skills. The iPad allows associates to take their training where the action is and get the most from that training experience, with immediate interaction and real time learning.

Low-Bandwidth Training
Keeping the multimedia content local allows for a great user experience, with almost no impact on bandwidth. Apple designed the iOS around the bandwidth constraints of mobile environments.

The future of iPad technology and apps in retail will be the use of customized apps that work in tandem with existing software and hardware as the method of choice for communicating with associates on everything from product knowledge to all levels of training. The ability to quickly and easily translate an app into multiple languages provides a unique opportunity for the industry on an international scale.

About the Author
David Harouche is Founder and President of Multimedia Plus. Harouche has been developing innovative, technology-driven programs for a broad range of clients for more than 15 years. He has helped make Multimedia Plus the foremost provider of learning and communications solutions, and a resource for market intelligence.


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