YProject MS16 (2)Glenn Martens presented his 4th collection as creative director of French label Y/PROJECT at the Gibus on 24 June 2015. Like a 90’s rave party with lazer beams, dark runway and aggressive lights models meet in a gender fluidity and geometrical tailoring.

Y/PROJECT fundamentals thrive on concept, wearability and attitude versatility. While affirming the menswear line, Creative Director Glenn Martens has since his arrival developed the gender fluidity of the brand.

For Spring/Summer 2016, these codes are merged with gothic architectural elements, subtle references to Martens’ hometown Bruges, Belgium.

Every day basics such as bombers, trench coats, hoodies… have been dismantled and reconstructed mixing medieval structural forms boosted with a modern dynamic energy.

Graphic cuts and geometric shapes elongate the silhouettes, revisiting and transcending the pieces of the collection as if in reflection of a gothic cathedral.

Photos courtesy of Y/Project

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