NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — First up at Global Fashion Collective is FICTION TOKYO, a brand by Japanese designer Monaca Nishi. A seductive saxophone medley played out as models clad in black bunny-ear masks strided down the runway.

Monaca took a retro spin for her collection ‘Favorite Heroine’ drawing inspiration from the lead of a childhood movie. A fun and feminine feel took prominence with high-waisted ensembles; leather shorts, flared sleeves, and silky fabrics.

A subtle colour palette with soft pinks, khaki, burgundy, and yellow were mixed. Soft knitted flared pants paired with a cropped fluffy sweater in pale pink was a standout look.

The Fiction Tokyo Fall 2018 collection was shown under the banner of the Global Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, the 8th of February 2018. Meant to showcase the work of cutting-edge designer, their experimental F/W 18 collections create powerful messages by the influence of personal and artistic expression. ‘Conceptual Artistry’ is an avant-garde selection of conceptual work with an haute couture feel.

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