NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Unveiling her Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Spring Studios on February 13th, Vivienne Hu looked to her Chinese heritage, particularly the historic DunHuang Mogao Grottoes, for inspiration when creating her latest vibrant offering.

Known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, the Mogao caves sit at a cultural and religious crossroads on the Silk Road in Gansu, China. The Vivienne Hu design team took a trip to this rich, historical site in the summer of 2017 to take in the incomparable Buddhist art spanning a period of over 1,654 years.

The colors, textures and overall mood of the caves paved the way for the development of the Vivienne Hu Autumn / Winter 2018 offering, which offers up an array of styles in rich ambers, greens, indigos and cinnabar tones.

Featuring art that combines Central Asian, Indian and Chinese motifs within any singular Mogao cave, the Vivienne Hu design team sought to capture the feeling created by the caves’ unique, mystical art.

Inspired by the dance-like fluttering images within these caves that illustrate saintly creatures in flight, the Fall/Winter 2018 offering is a synthesis of supple materials that interplay with each other to create a continuous feeling of movement. Expertly layered silk garments, distinctly cut knits, and tailored wool outer layers are juxtaposed with ultra-soft faux furs and topped with elegant embroidery to help bring a feeling of Chinese antiquity to life while seamlessly fusing the historical with the modern.

As part of this runway presentation, Vivienne Hu is also pleased to unveil an exciting new collaboration with Tencent Co. on a high tech, stylish yet sporty, Qzone sneaker release via the brand’s VHNY label – a more streetwear focused collection by the designer.

A further exploration into the bridge between Eastern tradition and modern living, the VHNY x Qzone sneaker was created to be a functional work of modern art, which further embodies the deep values of Eastern culture as seen through the sculptures and wall illustrations inside the Mogao caves.

Featuring a pattern reminiscent of Chinese cloud artistry atop technologically savvy materials which light up in an array of colors (including deep red, blue, green, purple, white and amber) by an advanced tech fiber inside the shoe, the sneakers were created to represent a physical “path to enlightenment” wherever the wearer goes.

The ultralightweight fabrication and clean lines capture the signature Mogao feeling of flight, each time the wearer is in motion. In addition to an array of light up color options to choose from when wearing the style, the shoes also offer options for color display to “light the way,” ranging from blinking lights to consistent deep colors. Available in a clean white or sleek black base, this collaborative sneaker is a modern interpretation of Eastern tradition for the 21st century shopper.

The VHNY x Tencent Qzone sneaker is the first collaboration for the brand with global leader Tencent Co. (the eighth largest company in the world) and Qzone, the company’s popular social media platform in China, which is used by more than 600 million people.

Photos courtesy of Vivienne Hu


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