Naomi CampbellNEW YORK December 27, 2018/ — Naomi Campbell has been in the modeling industry for more than 30 years, starting at the young age of 15. One of the original supermodels and one of the most recognized and established models in the industry, it’s hard to believe that she has never been the face of a beauty campaign.
In an interview with the Evening Standard in May 2017, Campbell shared that she has never been the face of a beauty campaign due to the racism in the beauty industry: “I’ve never done one for anyone. People say, ‘Oh you’ve got beautiful skin’ and yet I’ve never done one.”

Now, at 48 years old, that has finally changed. Recently, makeup brand NARS revealed that she is the newest face for its Spring 2019 campaign. Photographer and founder of the brand, François Nars, said on Instagram, “Naomi is a living icon and brings such strong personality to the camera. She and I are like family. I have known her since the very beginning of her career. From the start, I have admired her, her beauty, and her style.”

IMAGE Courtesy Of: NARS

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