Alleira Batik Fall 2019
Alleira Batik Fall 2019 at Indonesian Diversity)

Relatively a young brand having been founded in 2005, Alleira Batik strives to make the traditional Indonesian batik modern and attractive to the Millennials and Gen Z as consumer taste changes worldwide.

Showing at New York Fashion Week under the auspices of Indonesian Diversity, Alleira Batik presented a sophisticated collection of tunics and dresses with traditional red and aqua blue silks and organza along with structured jackets.

The show-stopper was a printed pantsuit with plum, burgundy, and red hues that effortless worked with unexpected synergy. The print recurred in other silhouettes that were both wearable and editorial, a hard feat for any designer.

Photo by Yuchen Liao/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity

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