Afffair Spring 2020When the press notes mentioned that every piece in the Afffair Spring/Summer 2020 collection “resembled the Kahri Bulbul, whether in form or color,” almost everyone got their smartphones and googled it.

Nicknamed “a flower of peace and love,” the Kahri Bulbul (Ophrys caucasica) only grows in the Shusha region of the Republic of Azerbaijan and considered by some to be “official flower” of the Karabakh region.

An Azerbaijan native himself, designer Rufat Ismayil subtly paid homage to his country by taking this rare orchid center stage on the catwalk. Cocktail mini dresses to sophisticated floor length gowns resembled the Kahri Bulbul in either form or color.

The collection came to life on the runway through a movement of pastel textiles such as organza, silk, crêpe chiffon and mesh embellished with crystal embroidery. The color story of the collection showcased shades of mint, lilac, pink, tangerine, purple and off-white.

Like the delicate but rare flower the intricacy of each look grazed the runway, capturing the attention of all eyes in the room. Elegant statement pieces showcasing everything from head-to-toe fringe that framed the body exquisitely to ruffles and pleated sheer fabric strategically placed to hug every curve.

A relatively newcomer in the fashion scene, Afffair is fast becoming a staple for A-list stylists looking for the next red carpet showstopper. Afffair has wardrobed Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Bebe Rexha, Becky G, Ashanti, Lil Kim, Tessa Hilton, Hannah Stocking, Fantasia Taylor and Lala Kent on the red carpet.

For Spring 2020 catwalk show, the collection featured accessories and shoes by Melisa Erkol for Afffair. The sleek low ponies and glossy hair looks were provided by Wella led by Wella global stylist, Aubrey Loots.

Makeup provided by Makeup Beauty Academy led by Andrea Sigrist, showcased a mix of natural dewy faces with bold eye shadows; corresponding with each look from the collection. Rounding out the beauty category, statement pastel nails featured a pressed flower by nail team Yukie Natori NY Spa & Salon.

Photos by IMAXTREE, courtesy of Afffair

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