In a wide-open space, perfect for activities and free-flow dressing, Issey Miyake presented its new collection with a true show. Inspired by the sole idea of bringing diverse people together to celebrate joy, the brand welcomed dancing, skateboarding, and jumping models to show off the newest pieces.

Some entered in tight, simple black undergarments and stood under clear circular rings that held colorful looks and hats. Slowly they were lowered, as models stretches their arms to slip on the dresses.

The brand’s APOC philosophy—an acronym standing for “A Piece Of Cloth” that welcomes new shape and design from one piece of fabric—was elaborated on in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Relaxed materials in neutral hues were seen with doodled line graphics and splotches of color. Tassels streaming from bags and the bottoms of tops were seen complementing simple closed-toe shoes with ridged soles. And brightly colored windbreakers—seen accentuated by those skateboarding—embodied new shapes with vents, zips, and hoods unlike any we’ve seen before.

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