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Passion for Fashion

PARIS, Mar 2, 2004/ FW/ — Twelve emerging designers showed on the first day of the Paris season and in all of the shows, Didier Grumbach, President of the Chambre Syndicale, France’s fashion governing body, was in attendance. A French gentleman who has a dignified bearing, Didier Grumbach is in-charge …

The Lady In Black

PARIS, Mar 1, 2004/ FW/ — I was still in the process of checking in my hotel when they handed me three plastic bags of invitations that they have been holding for me. That is one thing I like about the hotel we stay in here in Paris. During the …

Trials & Tribulations Before Paris Fashion Week

DALLAS, Feb 29, 2004 / FW/ — Less than 8 hours before I board a plane to go to Paris, my Microsoft Outlook crashed on me! All my emails, my contact list and my appointments gone in the blink of an eye! In this technological world, I am one of …