Jill Stuart on the runway Fall 2008
Jill Stuart on the runway Fall 2008

DALLAS, Nov 1, 2000/ FW/ — Jill Stuart’s formative years was in Manhattan’s garment district. Her parents owned a store called “Mister Pants” at 7th Avenue. Surrounded by fashion all the time, it was not surprising that she sold her first collection to Bloomingdales at the age of 15.

Known for her fun and sexy looks, Jill Stuart’s clothes always have an air of sensuality around it. She might cover the model from head to toe, yet, there is always sex appeal that comes with her creations. One great thing about her clothes, they are always wearable!

The designer finds inspiration from everywhere – through traveling and by observing the world around her. She appreciates a woman’s need for individuality and personal style, hence she creates clothes that makes you notice the woman, not the designer outfit.


Updated Feb 14, 2008

Jill Stuart on the runway, Fall 2008, Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week