Diego Binetti on the runway at his Fall 2002 Collection
Diego Binetti on the runway at his Fall 2002 Collection

NEW YORK, Dec 16, 2001 (Updated Jan 30, 2009)/ — Diego Binetti’s love for women’s clothes is a genetic trait. Born to Italian parents in Buenos Aires, the designer grew up watching his mother, who worked for a bridal house, making “dresses and gowns for the ladies to go to galas.” He also learned the trade from his uncle, a tailor. Binetti’s family later moved to Florida, where he studied at the International Fine Arts College in Miami.In 1995 Binetti moved to Milan to “see my culture,” as he says. There he attended the Instituto Artistico Dell’ Abbigliamento Maragoni and also worked as a stylist on photo shoots. After two years in Italy, Binetti came to New York, worked with stylist Brana Wolf and then took the job at Jill Stuart.

“I learned so much, especially working with good fabrics,” says Binetti, who also created Bulgari’s Logomania look. “I had a great time – but four years … it’s time to move on, you know?” he adds with a shrug.

When talking about having his own line, Binetti admits that he hates “the dealing, the hassling, but it’s part of life. I’m not going to give up easily. I’d like to be around – not for the fame, but for the fun of it.”

Binetti has plans to expand his label, branching out to the men’s and children’s clothing markets and creating a lifestyle brand. “The new generation is like that – fashion is related to music, fashion is related to food and architecture,” he explains.

But before he delights men and kids, there’s one more thing Binetti needs to take care of: women’s shoes.

“I love women’s shoes,” he exclaims, hugging himself as if to contain his enthusiasm. “It’s so sexy. After a night out, after a woman takes off her dress and everything, it’s just the shoes. I love it.”

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