Madonna Tartan
Madonna Tartan

LONDON, Dec 26, 2001/ — The Material Girl now has her very own, well, material. Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have been given a tartan, designed especially for them by Johnstons of Elgin, as an anniversary gift from Scotland.

The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board commissioned the tartan to show its appreciation to the couple for putting Scotland on the map as a romantic wedding destination. Just two weeks ago actress Ashley Judd and Scottish racecar driver Dario Franchitti wed at magnificent Skibo Castle, the same place Madonna and Ritchie tied the knot last January.

The tartan, named Romantic Scotland, is made up of blue, yellow, pearl white and purple. Blue signifies Madonna’s True Blue album, yellow is for her Blonde Ambition tour, pearl white is after her breakthrough hit, “Like a Virgin,” and purple represents Scottish heather.

Elements of the New York City Fire Brigade, the St. Andrews Bicentennial and the Sutherland tartans are incorporated in the design.

Mr. Ritchie gets a nod, too: a three line over check reflects the style of the Ritchie family tartan.

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