Miu Miu Menswear Fall 2002
Miu Miu Menswear Fall 2002

MILAN, Jan 14, 2002/ — After several seasons where her Miu Miu collection was targeted almost exclusively at nerds, or, if one wanted to be kind, intellectuals, Miuccia Prada sent out a powerful collection of upbeat modern fashion.

The show also had a sense of optimism, heightened by a great ‘70s Ska soundtrack, that marked a big change from the downbeat mood of the last few years.

As so often, the money is on the monitors at Miu Miu and Prada, meaning the overhead projection of the footwear is what will guarantee the success of this collection.

And this season the shoes were great. With Milan full of square and rounded toes, Miuccia sent out fabulous loafers, elastic-sided pony boots and gentlemanly lace-ups, every one of which had pointy toes.

When I used to dance to The Specials and The Selector, we’d call them winkle-pickers. We still do.

Miu Miu this season was frequently composed of iridescent fabrics that worked brilliantly in nylon fatigue pants, revamped flight jackets and a flurry of big parkas that were the best Milan has seen in several years.

Miuccia always treads her own path, especially when it comes to choosing a silhouette.

Though Milan is overloaded with baggy pants, the Miu Miu collection was almost exclusively composed of peg legs – the better to compliment the spiky foot wear.

The show could have done with a little editing. Why Miuccia elected to dress a model in some burgundy ribbed knit pants was difficult to fathom.

But the next second, out came a wonderful shearling coat, treated to look ever so slightly stained, and with that piece that was the epitome of cool, all was forgiven.

In short, the Miu Miu man is enjoying life again.

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