Milan Menswear Show Spring 2003
Dates: Sunday June 23, 2002 thru Thursday, June 27, 2002

Galleria Vittorio, Milan
Galleria Vittorio, Milan

MILAN, Jun 30, 2002/ FW/ — As I sit in the somewhat cooler interior of the Versace show arena waiting for the start of the spring/summer 2003 men’s wear collections to get underway I find myself wondering, as I suppose most of us are, about the situation in the world.

We are at a time when all of the earth seems to be in an uproar. There is war going on no matter where you look. As an American here in Italy we are told to be on guard.

There are floods, starvation and sickness haunting you wherever you look.

Turn on CNN if you don’t believe me. It is almost as if there is nothing left to do but sit and wait for the end to arrive.

As my mind got to this point the lights went out and I though that, “Oh, my God this is it!”, the lights come back on. The music kicks up and the start of the collections is underway. You find yourself forgetting about all of the atrocities in the world. You even find yourself smiling as you look at the array of colors and patterns marching in front of you.

Just a breath of fresh air in a world that needs one.

The Versace house was starting it off though, all of the designers in Milano gave us a bit of the same. From Valentino to Armani, they all feel the same as you and I. We need some cheer in our lives. A little comfort in whatever way we can get it. So they all gave it in the way they are able.

For spring/summer of 2003 will not be a drab affair! The fashion elite spoke clearly and with a united voice. Whatever the state of the world – wear a smile, put on some color.

Bright red, hot pink, lime green, or a combination of all the colors in the rainbow in a single shirt, compliments of Etro.

Whatever your favorite color is you will find it in the shops soon.

Getting attired for the office should put a smile on your face, allowing you to prance around like a peacock in mating season.

They have all loosened up the belt a bit and taken a step back from the extreme of tight to allow us all to breath for a moment.

You don’t have to worry about that shirt fitting in the middle or eating that carrot for dinner. Relax and try to enjoy your life. Take your enjoyment in whatever what you find it.

Go ahead and put on that loose bright blue Armani pullover full of holes to let in the air and so light and soft it might feel as if you have on an aura instead of a top.

My advice to one and all is simply to enjoy all that you can in this life. You do not have to try to follow all the trends make the choice for yourself. If you love those tight fitting clothes and the darker colors never fear they did not leave you out step into Yamamoto.

Jil Sander though with her most colorful collection since time out of mind still kept a bit to her roots and and gave you the smooth tight lines that you may be looking for to feel good.

All you really have to remember for the 2003 season is to be free and go as crazy in a good way as the world has in its way.


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