David Beckham as England captain.
David Beckham as England captain.

NEW YORK, Jul 12, 2002/  — Leave it to David Beckham, the champion of sarongs and diamond studs for men, to now make it cool for boys to sport pink nail polish.

Spotted at a christening last Sunday wearing the girlish lacquer, the soccer stud and British Marie Claire cover-boy has already caused quite a stir in high street stores like Woolworths and cosmetic chain Boots, where an increased number of men have been coming to purchase similar product.

“The staff were a bit confused at first until it was pointed out that Beckham had started a new craze,” stated a spokeswoman for Woolworths.

Spurred on by the trend, Boots has now introduced a male-friendly manicure, named “The Beckham,” which includes a nail analysis, soak, moisturizing cuticle treatment, nail file, and protein formula application.

“There have been a lot more men coming into the store for manicures in the past few days,” claimed the store’s spokesperson.

Carson Daly, with his black-painted pinky, could have only dreamed of such a favorable response.

But Beckham is no stranger to starting trends.

During the World Cup soccer finals last month, a horde of over-zealous football fans emulated the blond-tipped Mohawk ‘do he made famous, and when it was revealed that he enjoyed wearing his wife Posh Spice’s panties, he undoubtedly caused many a rogue to rummage through their wives’ top drawers.

One can only guess that waxed bikinis and wrap dresses will be next up for the boys.