rodeo_drive_ciLOS ANGELES, Mar 28, 2004/ FW/ — On the eve of Los Angeles Fashion Week, designer Tom Ford received his Star of Style in Rodeo Drive. The event was scheduled at 8:00 PM, but we decided to go to downtown LA several hours before, just to enjoy a sunny California day.

It was a temperature-record breaking day in Southern California with the thermometer reaching 90 degrees though it was still springtime. Though our itinerary for the day did not start until nighttime, the day was too nice to spend indoors.

So, where do fashionistas go when in Los Angeles? At Rodeo Drive of course, where all the world-class shops are located. Name a well-known design house, and chances are it has a store at Rodeo Drive.

Because the Tom Ford party was going to happen in a few hours, some roads were blocked off from traffic. And there were also several celebrities at Rodeo Drive, either eating or having cocktails at the little restaurants in the area.

Like us, they were just enjoying the day and soaking up the sun. So, when 8:00 o’clock rolled around and it was time to work, it was hard getting up from our chairs and be fashion journalists once again.