Borgioni Jewelry (6)LOS ANGELES, Jun 23, 2014/ — Based in Los Angeles, Borgioni Jewelry is the brainchild of mother-daughter design team of Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci.

The brand is named after the family matriarch, Emily Rose Borgioni Bartolacci whose vintage jewelry pieces that she left behind became the inspiration for Rhonda and Tiffany.

Wanting to wear the family heirlooms, the two re-designed the vintage pieces into their own creations. Friends, relatives, and colleagues were immediately drawn to the pieces, and just a short time later Tiffany and Rhonda decided to take their designs public.

Borgioni jewelry can only be described as expressive, exotic and inspired. Many have called Borgioni’s jewelry as unique pieces of art that can be worn as accessories.

It’s really not surprising that the label has attracted a celebrity set. Katy Perry, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Brad Pitt and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler among others, are routinely spotted wearing the glam-rock gold-nugget skulls, bejeweled buddhas, and nature-inspired pieces from Borgioni.

Their collection can be found at Neiman Marcus and specialty boutiques worldwide.

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