airplaneDALLAS, Mar 27, 2004/ FW/ — I’m used to traveling alone when attending shows. So, it was a real treat traveling with Michelle and Javier to Los Angeles. In fact, this was the first time that the three of us were on a plane together. Usually, we come from different parts of the world and just meet in the city where the fashion shows are being held.

And though we know each other very well, it was still surprising to find out things about each other, such as what we do on the plane.

They were surprised that I slept most of the flight. I learned a long time a go that catnapping is great especially when it comes to replenishing your energy. Knowing that at the end of the flight, there would be a lot of things to do, I try to get all my energy reserves replenished while flying.

Michelle reads! As she said, “It gives me time to catch up with all my reading. The season is so hectic that I don’t have time to read anything except fashion stuff.”

As for Javier, he observes the passengers on the plane. As a photographer, it is a habit – studying your subjects, i.e. Always watching out for a great photo opportunity, Javier’s mind never stop ‘framing’ as in photo frames.

Of course, we still had time to catch up and tell jokes, because that is what friendship is all about. We might live in different parts of the world. We might be co-workers. But first and foremost, we are friends.

And on the way to Los Angeles, while we still had time before the craziness started, we shared this moment of peace when the three of us are just the best of friends and not part of the fashion flock.