Madonna Turns 46
Madonna Turns 46

LONDON, Aug 17, 2004/ FW/ — It’s hard to believe that Madonna is now on her mid-forties and that it was over two decades ago when she hit the music scene with her first album ‘Madonna,’ that immediately catapulted her to star status.

Born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone on Aug 16, 1958 in Michigan, she moved to New York in 1997 with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. She did not become one; instead, she became a lot of other things – singing diva, actress, wife, mother of two, children’s book author and a global pop icon.

She has reached a certain star status that a lot of people have forgotten why she became famous in the first place. In fact, at this point in time, it is already immaterial. Yet, it is her music, first and foremost that has made Madonna who she is today.

Her current world tour, “Re-Invention” is an apt title, because for the past twenty years, Madonna has re-invented herself so many times, that she has been dubbed as a chameleon.

With Madonna, its either you love her or you hate her, and to use a line from the Dick Tracy, “Either you want to kiss her or slap her.” Yet, even her detractors accept that Madonna is multi-talented; it is really hard to put a label on her.

Two days before her 46th birthday, Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour opened in Europe. With plans to play in 6 cities – Manchester, London, Dublin, Paris, Arnheim and Lisbon, the concert held last Saturday in Manchester was attended by a sell out crowd. In fact, wherever Madonna holds a concert, there are literally no seats to spare.

The mellow side of Madonna became apparent last night as she spent her birthday with her husband Guy Ritchie, having dinner at London’s very posh and very exclusive Sketch Restaurant where it is rumored that a dinner of two can easily cost £286!

It might sound steep for a lot of people, but if you’re the Material Girl, price does not matter. After all, it’s spending quality time with her loved one.


Photo by Eagle