Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

PARIS, Oct 5, 2004/ FW/ — With artificial direct sun lighting, mystical pale models with white hair flooded the runway in soft flowing silks.

This collection demonstrated anti tailoring with loose fit gowns and dresses that had a vintage inspiration. Beautiful shades of purple and lavender were on long linen culottes. Lace tops were paired with silk pleated skirts with ribbons.

Moon Young Hee is definitely about making her customer remember her youth by showing delicate fabrics in girly silhouettes.

For an easy summer comfortable drop crouch baggy linen pants and tanks will be key summer pieces. The entire show was very dated in a period that was between the Victorians and the Flappers of the 30’s.

Although these periods are years away from each other, they share many similar fashions. Only the Flappers wore the Victorian under clothes on the exterior. This outerwear concept gave the collection a girly sensuality because many of the gowns could be worn to entice a suitor in your chateau.

Rouging affects and floral attachments to pieces were consistent throughout the show as well as flowing ribbons.

Moon Young Hee has given us a taste of her personal imagery of what a mystic unforgettable summer could be.


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