Georges Chakra Haute Couture Spring 2005
Georges Chakra Haute Couture Spring 2005

PARIS, Jan 26, 2005/ FW/ — In confirming his status as one of the couturiers from the Orient to watch, George Chakra returned to Paris to present his Spring-Summer 2005 couture collection. For the couturier, it was a simple exercise in glamour.

Chakra began his assault of the Paris runways with his wrap dress in pleated white satin. This dress, decorated with a jeweled encrusted black belt, was no joke! The excitement it created was continued by the stunning silhouette composed of black crepe pants rising just below the ribcage and worn with only a dramatic and low plunging collar in white satin. That’s right folks. It wasn’t a top, just an exaggerated collar that caused a tremendous stir in the room!

Chakra did several dresses with detachable superpositions. Of the most beautiful of them is his wedding dress. Once its superposition was removed, a beautiful dress in gold lace was remained, immediately drawing thunderous applause.

His coat in lace worn over a short dress in tulle created movement, while his short dress created in double pleated satin was nothing short of daring.

Question: What does one do when one is George Chakra and has beautiful pearls at his disposal?
One simply creates swimwear. Chakra’s pearl encrusted and embroidered bathing suit is destined to be an editorial favorite.

His long dress in mint pleated satin, and his kiwi and pistachio sheath dress have in them the glamour of the best years of Hollywood when actresses such as Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Marlena Dietrich and Gloria Swanson made glamour an every day aspiration for women across America.

Already after the show, Chakra’s collection is judged by many journalist and most importantly by the women who buy couture as one of the early front runners among the best collections of the season. That’s is all-important as the couturier gains continued momentum in his quest to become a member of haute couture’s governing body.

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