Georges Chakra Hate Couture Fall 2005
Georges Chakra Hate Couture Fall 2005

PARIS, Jul 9, 2005/ FW/ — Of the off calendar couture shows, Georges Chakra is arguably one of the most talented that there is in the business. And as always over the past several seasons, he raises the bar of excellence higher and higher.

His couture show began with an absolutely breathtaking skirt suit in black silk taffeta. Although women are buying fewer of them in the couture world, his gives them the motivation to go through the endless fittings that bring to them the inimitable perfection of haute couture.

Only at Chakra can such attention from and innovation be found in pieces presented on the runway.

The detailing in his bustier dress and cape in ivory boggles the mind. For further proof of this, one need only take a look at his skirt suit created in gold and ivory thread. It is embroidered with the perfect gold flowers.

Although Chakra’s short sequined cocktail dress is great, his embroidered jacket worn with black cigarette pants dazzles in the night! And stunning is the only adjective that could possibly give any hope of true justice to his short dress in pleated black satin and in black tulle re-embroidered with gold threads.

It is true that his long draped dress in fusain satin has real star power. No Hollywood ingénue or starlet should live without it.

And only Chakra’s asymmetrically cut long dress in draped satin will do for the right occasion. It created magic with the couturier’s gold embroidered and sequined “Maxi” coat with fox.

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