intimately BECKHAM
intimately BECKHAM

LOS ANGELES, Aug 20, 2006/ FW/ — David Beckham, famous for his athletic prowess; his wife Victoria, better known as Posh Spice before becoming Mrs. Beckham. Together, they are famous for being famous.

Reaching iconic status as a couple, thanks to the tabloid press, they are surrounded by the aura of fame, fortune and fashion, living an aspirational lifestyle. A brand new fragrance duo has been created to convey their world of sophistication, luxury and intimacy.

intimately Beckham for Him. for Her.

Two fragrances that are as unique as David and Victoria fuse in an atmosphere that sparkles and sizzles with the attraction and electricity between them. Two fragrances that are separately superlative and yet together are beautifully complimentary, bringing out the best in each other.

Intimately Beckham for Him, available beginning September 1 in the U.K., is a statement of masculinity and a celebration of his athletic prowess as a football player.

A modern woody-spicy accord radiating warmth and sensuality, the scent leads with the intense freshness and sparkle of bergamot, tangy grapefruit zest and zingy cardamom made exciting with the brilliant contrast of sexy violet and a spicy, virile blend of nutmeg and star anise. Warm, sensual undertones of sandalwood, patchouli and amber create an unforgettable, intimate essence.

Intimately BEKHAM for HER, the first feminine fragrance bearing the Beckham monogram conveys the essence of the Victoria known only to the people closest to her.

An opulent bouquet of white flowers opens with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals that linger on the skin. The exquisite heart of Casablanca lily, sublime tuberose and sensual orange blossom leads to a seductive base of voluptuous vanilla, rich sandalwood and elegant, sensual layer of musk.

The beautifully faceted bottle with its crystal-clear cap echoes its masculine partner but radiates sensual soft pink tones – a statement of underplayed sophistication and femininity.

Photo by Mikael Jansson, courtesy of Coty