DALLAS, Aug 10, 2006/ FW/ — Lyn Devon is already known in the New York area for her beautifully handcrafted custom-made clothes. This September, she makes her ‘official’ foray into ready-to-wear as she will unveil her Spring 2007 collection during the New York fashion season.

Lyn Devon
Lyn Devon

In a seeming symmetry of events, it was in September 2005 that Lyn Devon made her debut on the New York catwalk on what Women’s Wear Daily referred to as ‘Rucci-esque undertone’ with her exquisite detail work and unusual use of colorful, richly textured fabrics.

Devon’s very sensual aesthetics and the outstanding individuality and beauty of each garment show her passion for design. That passion was not lost among the fashionistas. Recognizing Devon’s distinctive style, the New York fashion set put her as a name to watch among the emerging designers at the Big Apple.

A graduate of Brown University where she majored in Art History, Devon began her romance with textiles in the theater, first as a Costume Designer with the Brown University Theater Department and later at the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York.

In 2002, Lyn began work with Zac Posen’s design team on his first four collections and then went on to works as an assistant designer for Ralph Lauren. While working at both Zac and Ralph, Lyn started a custom-only design atelier out of her apartment, designing and sewing clothing for an exclusive list of private clients.

An increasing demand for her beautifully crafted clothing prompted her to strikeout out on her own and in March 2005, Lyn opened the doors to her Soho studio. With the collective craft and handwork of the Vienna Workshop as her main influence, Devon’s sumptuous use of colors and unconventional patterns has become her signature style.

While Lyn continues to create innovate collections each season, it is her passion for creating garments of outstanding individuality and beauty that continues to distinguish her line.

“I want the women I dress to feel sophisticated and artful,” say Lyn. “My clothing is meant to invoke the poetic and feminine spirit in every woman.”

The notable women that have recognized that ‘poetic and feminine spirit of Lyn Devon’s clothes include Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Stiles, Alice Braga, Lake Bell, actress Tara Summers, Tony nominated actress Kelli O’hara. Virginia Mailman, Heather Leeds, Susan Hess, Guggenheim Museum director Lisa Dennison, Brooke Neidich, author Jill Kargman, Barbara Tober, Somers Farkas, Laurie Tisch, Anne Keating, Ellen Scarborough, Lucy Woolworth Lamphere, Mrs. Thomas Kempner Jr. and Linda Lambert.


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