Komarov Fall 2007
Komarov Fall 2007

DALLAS, Jun 1, 2007/ FW/ — Accordion to micro, smock to quilted, name a kind of pleat and the Komarov Fall 2007 collection probably has it.

Reminiscent of the works of Mario Fortuny and Issey Miyake, both of whom had done wonders with pleating, Shelley Komarov brings a new vision – using pleats to accommodate a global lifestyle where traveling is a must and there is no excuse not to look good all the time.

While Fortuny adhered mostly to draping and Miyake designed architectural marvels, Komarov went for versatility, keeping in mind the life of a road warrior who has a very limited space in her suitcase but must to be ready to dress up for a meeting, a business dinner and a night out in town.

Emmy Award-winning costume designer Shelley Komarov knows that first hand. Shooting on locations means living out of a suitcase for months at a time and she still has to go to work everyday.

Understanding the needs of a career woman who has to balance her work with her home life, Komarov designed glamorous tops, dresses and skirts in glitter plaids for Fall 2007. She also used herringbone, ultrasuede with burnouts, metallic knits, velvet and chiffon mixes, and charmeuse in rich solids.

Using a gold and silver base, the color palette focuses on black & white, and then added jewel tone prints for piazza.

Komarov is sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Dillards, plus 1,200 doors nationwide. Retailing between $130 – $300, Komarov is one of Fall 2007’s best bet!