snowman2007DALLAS, Dec 25, 2007 / FW/ — It has been ten years since FashionWindows became a full-pledged fashion website. From its humble beginnings of featuring store windows, the site grew up to cover the catwalks in the world’s fashion capitals.

And although FashionWindows has thrived and prospered during the past decade, it is also time to move on the same way that the world wide web had moved on to become Web 2.0.

Yet, progress is not without pain. As we try to make FashionWindows Web 2.0 compliant, the code that was written in 1995 through 2000 no longer applies. Databases, lay-out and software have to be upgraded and/or rewritten.

And as part of our shift to Web 2.0, we have also launched Fashion Reporters Network, to bring you a wider coverage of fashion and retail news.

With two websites and several subdomains working in tandem, there will be additional reporting and treatment of your favorite fashion and retail subjects. We do not promise to be your one-stop-shop for fashion, but we promise to be your window and your eye on fashion and retail.

As 2007 draws to a close and as FashionWindows and Fashion Reporters enter a new decade, we want to wish everyone the best of the holidays!

Best Wishes,

The Management & Staff of FashionWindows Network